About Me


Thanks for visiting my website! My name is Ecem I am from Istanbul, Turkey and currently living in Chicago, IL. I have mainly created this website to share my three main passions with you which are travelling, cooking and baking quality food, and reading what’s best out there. This is why I called the website taste the week. I think the things we do everyday create a taste in our lives, and what’s important is that we take the best of each moment and make it taste delicious for ourselves.

Since I have moved to United States I have been cooking and baking my own food. I am constantly in search for quality ingredients no matter what I am making. I noticed it is not as easy to find good ingredients without junk and staying healthy in United States as it was in Istanbul. In the recipes section, I’ll be sharing the recipes I love to make with you all. I am a sweet tooth and am eating desserts everyday mostly as breakfast. This means I need to create dessert recipes that makes me feel better and have high nutritious content. I also cook a lot at home, and would love to share my healthy dinner combos with you. I am not following a strict diet however I do love making vegan and paleo recipes. So, just a heads up, you will be seeing them a lot on my website. I also have an instagram account you can check out for deliciously healthy food photos daily  @happynhealthyeats .