My Love for Avocado


This is my very first post since I have opened this website. I was thinking for a long time to decide what my first post should be about. Finally I have come to a decision to talk about my love of avocados. Why avocados? They are simply the best! I will be honest, the love of avocados for me didn’t start my early childhood. In fact, I had no idea about this beautiful, nutritious fruit.

I grew up in Istanbul, Turkey and we simply didn’t have avocados. I hear from friends now, Turkey has started to import them and they actually sell them in the stores but I had no idea about them before I moved the Chicago 2 years ago. I remember trying avocados for the first time with my best friend. We were watching an American TV show in our apartment and heard about avocado turkey sandwich, we were like that sounds yummy. Then the next day we tried it and we hated avocados! Yes, impossible to believe! Soon after we realized that we didn’t eat it right. It was too hard, like a crisp apple and simple didn’t taste to its best. I didn’t want to give up on avocados so decided to Google recipes to make it taste good. Since then I tries so many recipe from savory to sweet and avocado didn’t let me down once! My favorite savory recipe with avocados would my special mango-lime salsa. I make it this to spice my baked salmon a little bit. I will share the recipe for it soon! My favorite dessert recipe with avocados would be chocolate mousse I make for my sweet cravings especially in the night! I love mixing cocoa powder with some avocado and adding strawberries on top. I know it is so yummy! I love eating avocado any time during the day however lunch is my favorite time to eat avocados since they keep me full for a long time and provide me lots of healthy fats which I need during the day. I like to have them with soft-boiled eggs and baked sweet potatoes.

One of the other good things about avocados is that you can create paleo friendly, vegan, gluten-free recipes with it very easily. When it comes to food and diet we all have out differences and what works best for some of us unfortunately doesn’t work for others. This makes me always think of ways, find ingredients that everybody can enjoy or at least substitute easily. And I think with avocados this very challenging thing is quite possible and easy. This is my story and reasons for the love of avocado. What’s yours? I would like to hear! Have a good day everyone, and thanks for taking your time to read my post.