Smart Reads


I created this page to share about the books I have read, or have been reading recently. Reading is an enjoyable process for me and yet challenging. More often I find myself struggling since it is so hard to connect with the book I have chosen for myself. That’s why most people don’t like reading, or they think they don’t but the underlying reason is that they don’t connect with the book. I always do lots of research before getting into reading process. I want to read a book that’s  well written, entertaining, and enriches me as a person. I am hoping to find some others like me out there who share the same interests and tries to connect with the books they are reading. If you are interested, you can check my instagram account @smartreadswithecem . Hope to exchange some ideas, book suggestions with you all soon. In the meantime keep reading good books!


You can get one of my favorite books below. It is about empowering women, and all the terrifying real life stories which women had to live through. It is very life changing.

Brattle Book Shop in Boston, MA